Becoming A Learner : Achieving The Opportunity Of Education

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Sarah Melito COMM 228 Midterm Portfolio Questions 1, 2, 5, & 6 Becoming a Learner Most of the world plays the role of a student at least once in their lives. We are taught and expected to learn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is actually learned and stored in our memories. Majority of times people learn enough just to get by; just to get that perfect grade or perfect score. The difference between a learner and a student is that a learner takes that next step and starts learning outside of the classroom, and starts focusing on knowledge, instead of what grade they are going to get. In his book, Becoming a Learner: Realizing the Opportunity of Education, Matthew Sanders explains and defends the importance of transitioning from a student to a learner. These two perspectives of being a learner and a student are extremely important to understand for our actions in the world. Today, there are an abundance of skills that employers are looking for. Most college graduates can present themselves appropriately on paper with accomplishments, transcripts, degrees, awards, etc. The paper and basic skills that employers are assumed to deem important, aren’t important any longer. The applicant’s character, how they think, and how they solve problems are carefully considered during hiring processes. Employers want employees who can think critically and solve problems quickly and effectively. Sanders claims that in order to think critically and solve
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