Becoming A Learner Analysis

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In this portion of Sanders’s Becoming a Learner, he describes the outcomes of becoming a learner. Sanders states four outcomes of becoming a learner: creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and better character. I consider both communication skills and depth of character to be of equal importance, but for the sake of this journal, I believe the development of communication skills is most important and will have a critical impact on my career and my life. First off, let me state that I would like to pursue a career in editing, and to have any business at all, I will need to have good communication skills so I can form a trusting relationship with my clients, otherwise they may take their business elsewhere. More importantly, I intend to become a wife and a mother, and strong relationships are…show more content…
With communication, however, couples are able to work through problems and grow to a greater level of understanding, in a similar manner as when Sanders mentions that being a learner better communication skills that then “increase your capacity to appreciate differences and manage conflict.” Communication is the difference between a 2-year marriage and a 76-year marriage. Each person measures success in a different way, and, as Sanders states, “Your success in life depends upon your ability to build and maintain trusting relationships.” This is just one of several outcomes of becoming a learner, and it is for this reason that Sanders claims that it empowers the learner. When the author says that “Striving to be a learner gives you great power,” he means that you gain the freedom to control your own path through life. When you’re just a student, you allow others to dictate what you do. When you become a learner, it doesn’t matter what others say or do because you’ll be able to pursue what you wish. If you don’t understand mathematics and you’re a student, you become frustrated and may
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