Becoming A Liberal Arts Based School

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Before taking Intro to Liberal Arts, I had no clue I was pursuing my degree in a liberal arts based school. Here at Stockton University they are focused on teaching and learning in a Liberal Arts setting with an outgrowth in service learning and community participation. Our specialized General Studies programs ensure that students don 't simply take classes; they participate in an educational program that has elements of writing, quantitative reasoning, and multicultural studies (U.S News, 2015). I came into Stockton as undeclared, I wanted to make sure I am pursuing the right thing here and not wasting my time. With having the ability to take a lot of intro courses, I decided on majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Elementary…show more content…
My interest in special education came about when I got a job at a private preschool for children with autism. It’s the most rewarding job seeing those little ones smile when they mastered a new school. It is also rewarding knowing that you are changing that child’s life. Although, I have seconded guessed my degree multiple time I have always came back to education, but went with a broader field in psychology to expand my availability to careers. I always enjoyed kids and from a little girl I had a skill to teach my peers and for them to learn. I was very pleased with all my courses I have taken so far and the one’s I am required to take in the future. If I did have a say in my curriculum I would allow me to have more education classes leading me up to my observations and student teaching. With taking my psychology courses, I only was required to take four classes about education. Those classes were very informative and helped to excite me for my future classes but I feel like there should have been more. I also wish I was able to start my observations earlier. My last year and a half at Stockton will be all education class sessions, starting with my observation course, my intermediate course, and ending with my student teaching. In each one of these sessions you are required to take three courses that go along with it. These courses are not worth a whole four credits like most courses, so to be a full time student you need enroll in more classes. During these
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