Becoming A Mediator Between An Organization

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Seek and You Shall Find When an individual pursues the field of Recruiting, they are electing to become a mediator between an organization with a need of fulfillment and a potential candidate searching for a position to fulfill. According to the Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Book, “recruiting is the process of seeking a pool of applicants, or sources, for jobs within an organization”, (DeCenzo, Robbins, and Verhulst 128). “Recruiters are often viewed as the face or the image of a company for prospective applicants in search of employment (DeCenzo, Robbins, and Verhulst 128).” Utilizing the vast number of recruiting methods, sources, and skills will usually result in a challenging, yet successful match for both the…show more content…
However, with detailed preparation and commitment to excellence, all of these challenges, (DeCenzo, Robbins, and Verhulst 129-130), can be overcome by a successful recruiter. There are many two major methods available for a recruiter to utilize in their mission to accomplish a perfect fit for their client. “Internal recruiters, also known as corporate recruiters, work inside the employer’s company and are usually on their payroll (Joyce)”. It’s important for the internal recruiter to keep in mind that the person being sought for any position within that organization will have a direct reflection on the company itself. “Regardless of what they do, that potential new employee will have a lasting impact on the company’s image” (Waldrop). For example, if the position the candidate is applying for is a receptionist job, the recruiter would need to realize that in most cases, the receptionist is the first person a potential client or customer will come in contact with. The same goes for a restaurant hostess, a hotel clerk, a retail cashier, as well as number of other excellent, customer service driven positions. The recruiter would need to make sure the applicant possess the skills needed, such as the ability to help others, articulation of speech, patience, organization, and friendliness, to exude a positive reflection for the company. Another possible source to consider in internal recruiting is employee referrals and the company’s intranet job postings. Some of the
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