Becoming A Mentee

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I have been a mentee throughout various phases of my career as well as in school. I have had great mentors who have been very open and honest about strengths and weaknesses and who have tried to guide me over the years. It has been a tremendous benefit and something I probably took for granted until I was asked to participate in a formal mentorship program at work. The mentorship committee spent a lot of time developing documentation and discussing goals and expectations for both sides which I found encouraging. The mentees and mentors were given an overview of what to expect and how to prepare for their meetings with the mentee clearly being told that they had to schedule the meetings, determine the recurrence and drive the discussion. The mentors were given guidelines on how to work with the mentees and how to encourage participation.
One of the key items I would identify as fundamental for mentees to be successful is to have them develop and define a goal. The mentee must know what they expect to gain from the relationship to be able to measure and determine if it was successful. One of the main points to cover with a mentee is to ensure they understand that they are guiding their own destiny and the expectation that a mentor will have all the answers is
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A community of practice is a group or groups of people who share a concern or passion in what they do and learn how to do it better as they interact. A good example of micro-level knowledge is the knowledge required to execute a task on a project. An example of a community of practice can be an association of specific professionals who meet to discuss challenges, trends in their fields and collaborate to help each other. Mentors can be viewed as individuals who are sharing their micro-level knowledge in a community of practice that can be defined by boundaries such as the workplace or a
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