Becoming A Merger And Acquisition Consultant

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When I consider goals I think of something I want, aspire, or plan on pursuing in a specific field or industry. My short term goals consist of having a complete career change different from my current position now. I have a fondness to work in consulting or in financial services that would later position me for the dream job I desire. By obtaining quality academic education in business administration, I want to develop within a scope of a top financial firm. I want to become a merger and acquisition consultant or organizational development advisor within a top consulting firm company such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) or Booz & Company. To get into any top consultant company and help to increase business performance in any area pertaining to strategy expansion, implementation, innovation, organization design, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions or organizational effectiveness would be the ultimate short term goal.
I have been working in the healthcare industry for about five years and now I realized it’s time to advance within the healthcare industry or eventually change careers. About two years ago, I started working with a healthcare facility called HealthSpan as a private contractor. I quit my full time job as a case manager at a community center for a temporary contracting position for a fresh start on a different career path. With my contractor position, I started working as an account manager dealing with individual members and small corporation
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