Becoming A Midwife Essay

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Will I be willing to school for 12 years over 4-8 years? It takes 12 years of schooling to fully become an OB that includes, 4-8 years of schooling and a 4 year residency. A midwife takes 4 year, That includes getting your bachelor's degree. Obstetricians get more hospital time while midwives get more patient time, although obstetricians get more patients. Ob are more prepared for the birthing process and if anything goes wrong. They are trained surgeons who can perform a c-section on their own, unlike midwives. Midwives practice in more natural births.If anything goes wrong a midwife must fork over her patient to an ob.
An Obstetrician is a physician who completed a amount of of training and schooling. They practice the study of labor, delivery, and puerperium. (The time after labor.). C1 They must graduate from an approved medical school Complete residency,
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If you are interested in an at-home birth, a midwife would be the person who would come and help you with your birthing process. Midwives have emotional and personal support with their patients. Midwives also work more on their own unlike ob’s who work with a group of trained physicians. I would prefer to work in hospital with a group of other physicians. I would also like to work in a hospital.Obstetricans work in an office with a group of physicians. A midwife is

The difference between becoming an obstetrician and midwife are definitely time money and how much you are willing to work. There is a major wage gap when it comes to these two. On average obstetricians make $290,000. On average a midwife makes $70,000 . As you can see there's a huge difference. Some articles i read said it pays the same to hire one, but that depends on where you live. Usually you would pay an OB more than a MW.

Experience “Both obstetricians and midwives can offer great healthcare to ensure that you have the best
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