Becoming A Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

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For as long as I can remember, I have always desired to work in the healthcare field. At an extremely young age, I wanted to become a doctor. Later on in life, I wanted to be a pharmacist. During my sophomore year of high school, I finally decided that I wanted to become a nurse. At this time, I did not know what kind of nurse I wanted to become, but I knew that nursing was my purpose. What I found to be the most captivating was the broadness of the field of nursing. Pursuing this further, I could work in any environment that I longed for. After further researching this particular field, I finally decided that I wanted to be a Neonatal nurse practitioner. Neonatal nurse practitioners “serve as primary caregivers for premature babies and other newborns who require special care due to low birth rate, respitory distress, congenital heart defects or various other abnormalities and disorders”(education-portal). The road to becoming a Neonatal nurse practitioner is not easy. Of course, one must obtain undergraduate education before beginning neonatal studies. Community colleges offer associates degrees in nursing and four year institutions offer a bachelors. Aspiring nurse practitioners must earn a master’s degree or doctor of nursing practice degree in Neonatal Nursing. These programs generally take two to three years. Training is provided by the employer after graduation during class and in the NICU through a mentorship. This training may take anywhere from six weeks to…
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