Becoming A New Environment At Dubai ( Uae )

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3. Choose a country you have never lived or worked in. Imagine that you have just been selected to become a new Managing Director in the country that you have selected – a country in which your company has decided to open a new industrial complex. Neither you nor your company have ever worked in this country before. What would you do to motivate the employees from the foreign country to join your company and work hard once employed? Ans. Basically I’m from India and I have never been before in Dubai (UAE) for just 7 days as tour in vacation. My company has decided to start new business there and they choose me as Managing Director. Whether you have the desire to end up a business person or not, everybody ought to join a startup. Most business people begin their business in light of an incredible thought, enthusiasm or opportunity to roll out an improvement. They couldn 't care less about cash, profession or other "corporate" (HR) goals. Some of the new businesses are exceptionally fortunate and get to be monetary fruitful. A large portion of them shockingly not and they need to rotate or unreasonable. In both circumstances, the business people encounter the entire bundle of building and running an organization. Furthermore, that is the best motivation behind why one ought to join a startup. So, I’m going to explain here that how will I motivate employees from foreign country to join my company: • Principle requirement (acknowledgment of the authenticity of role

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