Becoming A New Parent Can Be One Of The Hardest Yet Rewarding

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Becoming a new parent can be one of the hardest yet rewarding responsibilities that can ever happen to you. For new parents, your children are the most important responsibility that you have. Quickly will you realize that there are endless factors that can affect the psychological development of your children especially at the significant stage of mental human growth and development known as adolescence. Having so many forms of communication, the most popular of these are social media and texting. Now, as humans, if we do too much of anything, it obviously cannot be healthy for us; However, the situation is even more dire because this is such a small segment of human growth and development for children. Again, I address all new parents…show more content…
Too much social media and texting can be detrimental to the early developmental stages of psychological adolescence in children. Because teens are so impressionable at the first two stages of adolescence, using social media can put adolescences into risk categories such as “peer-to-peer; inappropriate content” said by the organization of pediatric publications. There is so much inappropriate content online that it can scar the psychological process of adolescence in its developmental stages. Also during the early stages of adolescence, children have just acquired minimal skills to make a limited number of rational judgements; Therefore, that exposure to some of the inappropriate content online would perturb this process. Because of this emotional imbalance, Children experience emotional maturity differently than others; Actually, the emotional development of the brain during adolescence is manipulated and centered around these judgments. Furthermore, due to “lack of understanding of online privacy issues and outside influences of third party advertising groups” ( children in early adolescences are prone to being cyberbullied and harassed online. If children in early stages of adolescence do not have much experience about online predators then clearly they will be susceptible to harassment and online bullying which can have unspeakable

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