Becoming A Nurse Anesthetists And Dental Procedures

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A nurse anesthetist’s works in collaboration with anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other physicians and medical professionals to deliver anesthesia for medical and surgical procedures. There are many steps to becoming a nurse anesthetists, which include, The position of nurse anesthetist has many components. It has been listed in the top ten jobs available for Americans today. This is also a great job for people who having one-on-one contact with people. A nurse anesthetist administers general or local anesthesia before and during surgery procedures. He or she stays with the patient for the entire procedure, constantly monitoring every body function and vital sign. A lot of people see nursing as bedpans and sponge baths, but that is not…show more content…
With the constant change in the medical field, it is mandatory for all nurse anesthetists to keep up with everything to give the best care. The newest of these technologies is the mobile stroke treatment unit. Strokes have a profound impact on someone’s health. The consequences of a stroke can be devastating. In order to improve stroke outcomes, many hospitals in Germany and the United States are now using specially equipped mobile stroke treatment ambulances with all the necessary elements for the evaluation and treatment of strokes. Another new technology is the leadless cardiac pacemaker. The leads in pacemakers detect a patient’s heart rhythm and relay the information to the generator and enclosed computer chip, which then adapts its electrical responses to the patients’ needs so the heart beats on a normal rate. Over time, the leads break and wear out, insulation around it can crack, and could become infectious. A wireless cardiac pacemaker that’s no bigger than a large vitamin is 10 percent the size of a traditional pacemaker. In the space of 15 to 30 minutes, the miniaturized battery-controlled device can be implanted directly in the heart without surgery. This pacemaker nanotechnology has eliminated surgery, lumps and scars on patient’s chest, restrictions on daily physical activities, as well as any complications stemming from any malfunctioning insulated connecting leads. With all these new technologies coming into play
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