Becoming A Nurse At A Nursing Nurse

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Journal #1 Advocating I walked onto my dimly lit orthopedic/medical surgical unit as a novice nurse at around 6:35 am. We were often short staffed and sometimes the nursing office would call at this…show more content…
Maybe she is heavily involved with a client? I decide to go assess this client’s pain scale and report this back to her primary nurse. I understand that I can be liable and will not examine this client without her consent. I followed the patient’s husband as he leads me to the her room. The overhead light in the room revealed an older, thin petite woman, wearing a nasal with oxygen set at 2 liters/per minute . I heard no adventitious audible sounds from where I was standing. Her legs were exposed and she appeared as if she had had a right knee surgical procedure done, fairly recent. I read her vital sign sheet on a counter by her bed that her vital signs had been taken 2 hours ago. I wanted to take her vital signs again, however, I thought to myself...did she have an AV fistula, Picc line or Mastectomy? The vitals that had been taken were consistent and within normal range. I did not know any of her medical history nor what her normal baseline vital signs were. I also saw that she had a PCA [patient controlled analgesia] pump with an opioid labeled (Morphine) also, with D5W.45NS intravenous running into her left antecubital fossa area. No infiltration observed. I intuitively reached for her hand as she moaned. She squeezed mine, saying in an even paced scratchy tone to please, please give her something for pain. I asked her if she felt nauseous as well. Yes, the patient can feel nausea post surgery, however, this
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