Becoming A Nurse For A Nursing Occupation From The Bureau Of Labor Statistics

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The definition of professional is a specified activity as one 's main paid occupation and profession is a paid occupation, that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification. In reading the definition this would classify nursing as a profession. As a nurse in Indiana it is not a requirement to have continuing education hours. Most states do require roughly an average of 15-20 hours though. In Indiana however, there are some hospitals that require continuing education hours to stay employed. I believe continuing education hours and skill check offs should be mandatory for all states just like CPR. Becoming a nurse opens numerous doors to different areas to have a meaningful career. Throughout hospitals nurses are needed and different certifications can be obtained. Meaning prolonged training. Like the definition stated being a professional is continuing training. Nursing Profession Statistics Some basic facts gathered relative to a nursing occupation from the Bureau of labor statistics noted the following data from 2012 *2012 median pay was 65,470/yr., 31.48 /hr. *Entry level –associate degree *Work experience in a related field-none *On –the –job training-none *Number of job 2012 2,711,500 *Job outlook from 2012-2022 19% increase (faster than average) *Employment change 2012-2022 526,800 JOB OUTLOOK Employment of registered nurses is expecting to grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022 which is faster than any other occupation. The growth will occur for a number of
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