Becoming A Nursing Career : A Deeply Rooted Love For The Medical Field

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My desire to pursue a nursing career stems from a deeply rooted love for the medical field. As a child, I was fascinated with the healthcare setting, so I set my heart on a path towards the field of medicine. Growing up, my mom worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a local nursing home. I remember going to work with her at the age of eight for bring your child to work day. I instantly fell in love with caring for others who were unable to do for themselves. I have always been a kind and compassionate person willing to give my last to make sure others do not have to go without. The satisfaction I felt from being able to brighten my mother’s patient’s day just by offering a helping hand was irreplaceable. From that moment on I knew the medical field was home for me. After graduating high school I immediately joined the military as a 68W Health Care Specialist with hopes of furthering my experience in the medical field. It was not until I began working as a medic that my focus became clear on exactly who I wanted to be. The Army provided a plethora of possibilities including working in tangent with a variety of medical professionals from many different fields. From working with Physician Assistants to OBGYNs, the exposure to all areas in the medical arena was a valued experience. In the midst of all those specialties, there was the constant presence of the Registered Nurse. An individual well versed in every aspect; depended on by members at every level of patient care.

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