Becoming A Nursing Student Is Not Safe For My Family Anymore

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name is Yuriy Kirilov. I came to America almost twelve years ago. The place I used to live in was not safe for my family anymore. Because of the civil war in my country I have lost so many of my friends. They were killed for no reason. In fact, I do not think there is any significant reason that would justify killing humans. My parents taught me to love people and to treat them the way I would want them to treat me. Many years have passed since my childhood. I was able to carry my parent’s advice through my whole life. And now, being a nursing student and reflecting back on my dad’s words, I realize I am still on the right path. Treating people the way you would want them to treat yourself lays in the heart of nursing philosophy. I am so…show more content…
Think about those who are physically and mentally ill, abandoned, lonely and simply not happy. Who is going to help them? Who is going to take good care of them? Who will make them happy again? I think nursing is the answer for all these questions. Recently I got a job in our local hospital. I was distributing surgical instruments to operating rooms and delivering medical pumps to Intensive Care Unit. It was a great experience in my life. I got to talk to many different patients. Some of them were spiritually strong and somehow optimistic. But most of them were really sad and discouraged. Here and there I saw nurses taking care of them, measuring their vital signs, bringing them medications and simply making their lives better. They were doing exactly what I wanted to do my entire life. I wanted to treat patients. To be honest, I was so jealous watching them do what I wasn’t allowed to do. It was right then when I decided to become a nurse. I believe nurses are indispensable. They make a huge difference in patients’ lives. Beginning from admission to a hospital, getting used to many different procedures, suffering through a lot of pain, getting healthier, and finally being discharge from the hospital, patients deal with caring love of nurses. It is very unlikely that without physical and emotional support sick people can become healthy. I understand that facing medical problems makes all patients look similar. But at the same time they are different.
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