Becoming A President Essay

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I am the president of Asian Music Association, a club at my university that hosts monthly karaoke nights and music events. In my junior year, half of the executive members, including the former president, had graduated. To prevent the club from disappearing, I stood out and volunteered to be the new president. At the beginning, it was not easy because many important members had left, and I had to learn everything from zero. I first met with the existing executive board, and set our semester goal to be "make AMA great again". We planned our budgets and events in advance, and as the president, I altered our marketing strategies and maximized the exposure of our events through posters, underpass paintings, Facebook events and newsletters. By…show more content…
As a future dentist, I will have the responsibility to keep learning and collaborating with others in the health field, in order to improve my service for patients, and dentistry as a profession.

Although I seem to be a confident person, I occasionally have doubts in my competencies. I understand that as a future dentist, I have to have faith in myself, for patients to trust me. To make myself a more confident person, I have actively participated in activities such as student clubs and volunteering. Gradually I have come to an understanding that confidence is not only a personality, but also a competency. When running a student club, if I don't reach out for help and cooperate with others with confidence, I will not be as successful. When volunteering, if I don't stand out to help other people with confidence, I will not be able to help anyone. I believe that as time passes, I will become a person with more faith and less doubts in myself.

My family has had a unique and profound influence on me. Raised by parents and grandparents who are all doctors, I’ve naturally acquired traits such as patience, cautiousness, diligence, and kindness. These traits, though not measured by grades and experiences, are needed for succeeding both as a dental student and as a dentist. In addition to following my elders’ paths, I hope to innovate and fight the many challenges in dentistry. Also, since age 14, when I started
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