Becoming A Primary Care Physician

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My goal is to serve communities in need by becoming a primary care physician. Key facets are helping others however possible, sharing knowledge to empower others, researching new methods or treatments. Each of these appeals to me individually, but compassion is what ties them together and drives me to overcome the challenges of this road. There is no vocation that is more important and meaningful than becoming a physician, and none that could bring more joy. Back when I was not sure, I aimed to find out more about what healthcare means for people today by volunteering. It was through this at the Orlando Regional Medical Center that I began to understand. I witnessed firsthand the kindness and empathy medicine requires of its practitioners. Consoling and guiding patients were my primary responsibilities, along with restocking supplies, helping transfer patients, and guiding visitors to their loved ones. I learned to work with people recovering from surgery, terminal patients, and many others only wanting company; I listened to them, wished them a happy birthday, or simply sat with them while they told me about their lives, their struggles, or how they met their spouses. A human connection was essential. Over time, I began connecting many of the patients, visitors and staff at the hospital. It became clear that caring does not always mean diagnosing, prescribing, and waiting. One night there was a woman in the emergency room with two policemen standing outside her door. Her
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