Becoming A Procrastinator

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From all of my prior experiences, I have become the woman I am today. There is no real way for me to truly describe myself and who I am in full. This essay is to tell how my prior experiences have helped to shape me into who I am now. Normally I am shy and can at times be a bit socially awkward. I have a creative mind from spending my time reading, singing, and crafting with my hands. I was never taught how to deal with money and have had to learn from my experiences. Being a procrastinator is something I acquired from my dad, but my decisions are all my own. The biggest decision I have ever had to make that has changed me is the decision involving my daughter. There are a few experiences that have made me shy which in turn has attributed…show more content…
At a certain point I began saying not telling my family what I wanted for birthday and Christmas presents. I was never taught to save money or in what ways would be best to use any money I received. When I did chores I would save some money but I would use it to give classmates presents and that habit I formed sealed my fate in a future experience. When I turned eighteen, just after graduating high school, I was given a large amount of money. My boyfriend at the time had accumulated speeding tickets, had car troubles, did not have a job, and had no real place of his own to live. From this experience I had of giving things away, I paid his fines, bought him a car, decided not to go to college because there was always next year, and ended up wasting all of my money within a few months. I am still generous at times but since that experience I have learned to use money more wisely. There are times when I put off doing things that need to be done. Sometimes I even put off things that I want to do. I believe that I learned how to procrastinate from my father, as he does so often. My decisions to put things off are all my own and from that I not only put off going to college, but I also put off getting a job until I needed one. I waited longer than I should have to get birth control, which led to me getting pregnant. I will admit that my daughter is the best mistake that procrastinating has brought me in my life thus
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