Becoming A Professional Electrical Electronics Engineer

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We’ve made great advances in the last century, innovating at an astonishing speed. But unfortunately, it seems as if in the last decade, the rate of innovation has slowed down considerably. Every new product is just an iteration of the last iteration, with no defining jumps in technology but only incremental changes. With the snail-paced recovery of the economy and a looming global warming crisis, America needs more engineers if it wants to stay the dominant nation that it is today and if it wants to make sure that the future of its children is safe, prosperous, and pollutant-free. None too often it is the small ideas from engineers that create sparks in the economy and keep this great nation of ours going. As distinguished professor Michael Schiffer would say, engineers have “the ability to symbolize technological prowess and modernity” (4). I plan on joining this distinguished group of innovators. I want to become a professional electrical electronics engineer, to acquire the knowledge and the skills to be able to run my own consumer electronics company one day; Becoming a professional electrical electronics engineer will allow me to work on providing clean energy for my parents’ hometown of New Takoradi. Becoming a professional electronics electrical engineer is not an easy task whatsoever. Although this process is challenging and time consuming, I know I have the patience, the discipline, and the determination to make it through. Based on the strict and fairly difficult
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