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One thing that is unique about me that might not be apparent from my application is my undying will to tenaciously improve myself. In high school, I started playing football and I was literally the weakest and one of the worst players on my team. Instead of not believing in myself and quitting football, I tenaciously, toiled every day for three years until I improved my strengths and weaknesses as a player. Eventually those around me took notice of my massive improvement and I have since applied this unique aspect of myself into everything that I pursue. With the intent of becoming a Professional Engineer, I would like to transfer to Texas A&M University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering. The purpose of my essay is to explain to you exactly why I want to transfer to Texas A&M and how joining Texas A&M would profit me. “Emmanuel, you know that I’ve been a high school football coach for years now. After a while it’s easy to lose interest in coaching. I’ve coached kids of all different talent levels and backgrounds. When you coach for such a long time you can tell within the first few weeks of practice, whether a kid is going to be great and go on to maybe play college football, or whether a kid doesn’t have the desire and work ethic in him to succeed and will eventually quit. When you started playing sophomore year I was sure that you were going to end up as one of the quitters. To be honest, you started out as a terrible wide receiver, but here you

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