Becoming A Psychologist And Studying Psychology

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My first and most set career I am planning on pursuing in the future is a psychologist. For the longest time, I have had my mind set on becoming a psychologist and studying psychology as much as I can in the future. For those who don’t know or aren’t very informed on it, a psychologist is someone that evaluates and studies human behavior and all mental processes, such as emotional, cognitive, and social processes. Usually, they study this through observing and recording how individuals relate to one another and their environments. Psychologists don’t only study single people at a time, but groups of people as well. There is not only one type of psychologist, but about 56 divisions of psychology and psychologists. The most well known branches of psychology, which are ones I am interested in entering, are clinical psychologists and/or counseling psychologists, which study and diagnose mental disorders on people. As stated there are others, such as army psychologists, children psychologists, health psychologist, etc. which are all seemingly self explanatory, but this doesn’t go for every branch. On average, though, last checked in May of 2012, the median pay for psychologists is about $69,280 dollars a year, earning them about $33.31 dollars an hour. Although depending on how well known, who you work for, and what branch of psychology you are in, this could change; this is just an average of what most do earn. In the United States, we have about 170,200 psychologist jobs,
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