Becoming A Real Estate Agent

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Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent You are considering a career in real estate. Fantastic, this is a great industry to become a part of. Now that you know you want to sell real estate, you have to get licensed before you can go any further. So, how do you obtain your real estate license? Getting licensed is relatively easy, but does require some time and effort. Below we have shared the steps you need to take in order to obtain your license so that you can started in your new career. Know Your State’s Licensing Requirements Before you start putting money down for real estate courses, take some time to find out what your state’s licensing requirements are. Every state has different requirements when it comes to attaining a real estate license. Eligibility- Age, education, and residency requirements differ by state. Education- Course type, passing scores, and the number of course hours required differ by state. Fees and application- These also differ by state. License renewal- The licensing renewal requirements are not something you have to worry about right away, but it is good to be aware of them for the future. Take your time becoming familiar with all of the eligibility requirements, number of course hours required, and the application process. By knowing what your state requires, you can save yourself a great deal of time and be well on your way to starting your new career in real estate. Start Taking the Pre-Licensing Courses Once you know what your state

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