Becoming A Registered Nurse As A Nurse

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I have been a nurse now for a total of twenty-three years with nursing background in critical care, emergency room, critical care ambulance transport and teaching. My humble beginnings as a Licensed Vocational Nurse made a good foundation into becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). My RN profession became a reality when I finished my Bachelors Degree in Nursing two decades ago. I now work for Kaiser Permanente in a management position, pediatric clinical instructor and teach didactics part time for BSN students. My teaching role came in as an accident when the school that I am teaching now needed a clinician with experience in pediatric tracheostomy and ventilators. I believe that both teaching and nursing had given me a new lease on life because I enjoyed training and interaction with students. As a result, I recently completed my Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA) and pursued my lifelong goal of pursuing my Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). As I venture into this DNP journey as a student, I believe that I will gain more knowledge about evidence-based practice. I can be an expert faculty with varied areas of expertise that is required to carry out the educational teaching to students that would help me qualify me further to teach in addition to my clinical experience. My personal objectives for teaching is to connect the dots for the students when they learn new things and find ways to integrate what they knew and continuing to learn (Moran, Burson & Conrad,
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