Becoming A Registered Nurse Is A High Honor

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Imagine if you were tragically hurt. What if you or a loved one was rather ill? What would life be like if this happened to you and there was no one to take care of you, or to find out what was wrong? Becoming a Registered Nurse is quite a high honor. This shows that you can make a commitment to find out what is wrong with the patient you are working with. Becoming a Registered Nurse can start off to be stressful, but there are great rewards and experiences that you can take and remember forever.
To start off with, registered nursing is a quite well known area of work, although it only started a little more than a century ago. Before nursing became a real career, the family members of the ill person were the ones responsible for caring for them. The women in the families would be the ones caring for the ill most of the time, which would cause them to possibly become ill. When big diseases would break out even the men and the respected community leaders had to take care of the ill people.
Surprisingly, in 1854 Florence Nightingale was the first women to break the social convention. She was also the person credited with establishing the modern profession of nursing (Institute 2). Florence was asked by the British Government to lead an obscure group of women in the Crimean War to a hospital where they would care for the men wounded in the war. When Florence and her nurses arrived at the hospital in Great Britain they sanitized everything. They scrubbed the walls for…
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