Becoming A Registered Nurse Requires

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Becoming a Registered Nurse requires many hoops to jump through. The Associates Degree Nursing Program requires two years of your time, patience, and responsibility. This can be obtained either through a community college or either at a four-year college as well. I chose to attend a community college do to the fact that I have to work as well attending school full time. Time management is a key factor to becoming a great respectable Registered Nurse. As a Registered Nurse you will be trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, and also Nutrition. The typical nursing program prepare you with the basic nursing skill such as taking vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels), to Emergency care, Pediatric care, Obstetric care, and also Medical- Surgical care. All of the information obtained through schooling helps prepare you for the NCLEX, to receive your nursing licenses. I have had my heart set on this particular major for years now. I chose Nursing because I love to help others. I want to be the hands and feet of those who are in need. I have a passion to serve others and a love for those who are sick and may need surgery to also caring for those who had a baby and celebrating with them in that moment in time. I have found that in nursing you have to put yourself aside and put others before yourself. This is where I tend to strive and let go and let God do his work through me. As a nurse there are many options of field of work to choose from. Ranging from working
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