Becoming A Singer / Songwriter

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Becoming a singer/songwriter has always been a passion of mine. I find this line of work to be both fun and challenging. Having a dream and actually succeeding are two completely different things. The career of a singer/songwriter can span for years until breaching the point of success. This particular field confuses people, mainly due to the label as both a singer and a songwriter. Most people who listen to the radio only know who sings the song. They often to not familiarize themselves to who wrote the words to the song. Many of today’s music artists that are played on the radio do not write their own material. Some singers do write, but I have noticed that most that are credited to songwriting credits are penned with several other writers, which makes me question their ability as writers. For me it is important to be able to have the ability to write songs by yourself, as well as being able to write with other writers. In this paper, I have found that the business is hard, risky, and always changing, but my interviewee, Patrick Britt, a singer songwriter himself, has made me stronger and more determined to make this dream a reality. I conducted my interview with Patrick by texting him the questions I had conjured up to ask. A little about Patrick, he is a student here at Middle Tennessee State University. Currently a junior, he is pursuing a career in the country music field as a singer/songwriter, but he intends to get a college degree in the music business field as a

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