Becoming A Social Worker : An Advocate For The Community

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The social work profession would allow one to become an advocate for the community. Throughout my life, I have been a victim as well as seen others discriminated due to their race, gender and sexual orientation. Many of them felt voiceless, while others who did not remain silent, were left with the sense of being unheard. Therefore, as a member of a minority population has fueled my passion of becoming a social worker and assisting others in understanding their civil rights. Foreseeing myself as a professional social worker, I image a person helping others develop coping skills during difficult situations as well as creating strategies that will result in lasting behavioral changes. In addition to my personal experiences, I would rely on my volunteer experience, academic work and employment history. My strengths include the ability to develop healthy relationships as well as my compassionate and empathetic demeanor. My extensive background includes working closely with diverse populations in the development of practical and innovative solutions for problem solving. Areas of development needed to succeed include program planning and policy formulation. Additionally, continuing my education would expand my knowledge for preparing grant proposals, trauma work, and mental health. The primary reason for pursuing a social work degree is providing services to underprivileged groups while upholding respect and dignity. As a social worker, I can advocate for others and assist in…
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