Becoming A Social Worker And Help Others

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The decision to become a social worker and help others began when I was a child. I grew up in a normal two parent household with a younger sibling. My childhood lead a life of leader ship in helping children younger than myself. There were two contributing factors that lead me to consider social work as a life career. The first was the program at my school when I was in fifth grade. My teacher choose me to participate in the leadership program, a program that aids preschool and kindergarten students with reading skills, social interaction, and becoming leaders. It was our job to be sure the child was acting and participating in a normal environment around other children. In addition to determining if there are any significant changes in their actions. It occurred, we were to inform the teacher and principal immediately. The process taught us how to solve the problem without concerning or harming the child’s well-being. In our house, our parents told us to respect the values and beliefs of those around us. The neighborhood we lived in consisted of small families and elderly adults. The second factor happened to one of our neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. They would constantly ask our parents on advice about raising children in a home. They wanted to know the best way to communicate with children without any problems. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson decided that the best solution to have kids was to join the foster care system. According to my mother, Mrs. Johnson is not able to have
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