Becoming A Socially Responsible Company

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Becoming a socially responsible company is an ethical goal every business has a duty to strive for. As a small grocery store, Company Q currently has policies in place that do not create a socially responsible culture. Currently they have three main focuses that need to be addressed, the closing of stores in high crime areas, the high margins on health conscious and organic products, and the policy for day-old products. The current policies do not improve the companies reputation as a socially responsible company. In fact some of the actions negatively impact the company and its reputation. First we must address the issue of closing stores in high crime areas. The two stores closed were in a high crime area in town and consistently lost money. Understandably the company closed the stores because it was negatively impacting the business as a whole. Of the three policies we are addressing this one is arguably the most socially responsible. Social responsibility has many facets, one of which is making sure that the value of the company, with regard to its stakeholders, continues to be profitable. Stores consistently losing money and being allowed to stay open is not socially responsible. For this reason the actions Company Q took in closing the stores and focusing on more profitable business ventures was a socially responsible move. The next policy that needs to be addressed deals with healthy and organic products. The company had requests for these products to be added
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