Becoming A Successful Leader Is Really Imperative

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To become a successful leader is really imperative to set objectives. Goals settings have been shown to assist employees to be clear in what is anticipated from them. Goals assist us in the organization of our assets and our boundaries; they can help us to keep focus when we deal with different issues within our work environment. As stated by MacLeod, In order to reach a single goal, several enabling or supporting objectives usually have to be met. In health care settings, this involves the time and talents of trained professionals who function more on a collegial basis than in the superior-subordinate relationships around which the Management by Objectives and SMART goal processes were originally developed. Working in interdisciplinary and/or interprofessional teams is one of the five core healthcare competencies well known by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). When we provide care is necessary to keep in mind that the Interdisciplinary team consist of different members with different skills and occupations. The team group will give their input according to their knowledge. Each participant will be able to work together to enhance the care of our different patients. To achieve this purpose we should continue our learning, improve our communication and evaluate our strength and weaknesses as healthcare providers in an obligation to our patients, if patients notice our talents and commitment they will be more confident to be part of their care. Traditionally patient tended to
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