Becoming A Teacher, First Requires The Right Person

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Becoming a teacher, first requires the right person. To be a teacher you have to enjoy working with kids and have a good attitude about it. Everyone has certain factors that are important to them and that comes with any job. Examples are location, salary, working conditions…. Etc. There are also many wants and needs that people have but they aren’t always important. My main priority when choosing my job was to choose something that I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. For a long time, I was sure I wanted to be a teacher then something made me switch to an RN. I soon realized that an RN wasn’t for me and the only reason I swapped to that was because of the money and not the enjoyment, so I changed back to becoming a teacher. The geographic location I wish to work in is right here in Laurens county. If possible I would love to be able to work at South West Laurens Elementary School because its right in my home town Rentz. Because I don’t plan on leaving Rentz when I move out from my parents’ house. I just like living out in the country cause its quiet out here and I love my parents they are most important in my life. I’m not too picky about the grade level I want to teach I only have one request. I don’t want to teach Pre-K. I would rather teach the older kids I seem to work with them better and I can get them to listen better than I can Pre-K. I always thought I wanted to teach Pre-K because they were just so cute but once I got to work with then at the boys and
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