Becoming A Teacher Is Helping Students

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Every little child has an ideal dream job that they want to do when they grow up. I was one of those little children telling my parents all kinds of things, but when I got to high school I realized I wanted to be a teacher. Ever since then I have realized that I am grateful for all the fantastic teachers I had through high school. They made me realize further why I wanted to become a teacher. I believe one of the most important things about becoming a teacher is helping influence the students of the future like my teachers did for me. When I first arrived at Clinton High School, I was overwhelmed at how massive the school was, since I went to a 1A school all my life. I wasn’t expecting it to be that massive and when I first walked in, I knew it was a place I could get easily lost in. When I got to the classroom I would be in for the next month, I was expecting to see a full-size classroom that would seat 35 or more students. I was expecting the students to get their books out when they got in the classroom. What I ended up seeing wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. The class I was watching had approximately 20 students, and the classroom was a normal size classroom. The students also didn’t have books; they used Mac Books where they downloaded the book to the computer. It really shocked me when every student had the same computer and I started thinking to myself, “How can everyone afford these?” I asked my teacher how every student has a Mac Book and she said they
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