Becoming A Trustworthy Leader, By Megan Tschannen Moran

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In chapter 8, Becoming a Trustworthy Leader, of the Jossey-Bass Reader on Educational Leadership, Megan Tschannen-Moran states, “the principal sets the tone for a school” (100). This statement, in my opinion, accurately sums up the true goal of any administration which is to be the guide and inspiration for the rest of the building. Therefore, I felt Moran and her chapter on trustworthy leadership were the most compelling components of the readings and lectures. Throughout the chapter Moran discusses the vital need for administrators to be trustworthy individuals. This resonated with me because I agree that trust is the glue that can hold a school together. I have been around administrators that make promises that are impossible to keep and almost seem to string along the staff with ideas but never fulfill them. Eventually the staff realizes that the administration is not reliable and cannot be trusted at its word. This immediately puts a barrier between the staff and administrator so that very little is ever accomplished and people feel ostracized. Without trust, as Moran reiterated, relationships are destroyed and the culture of the building suffers. If, however, one is a trustworthy leader then trust can ensure follow through from a leader which is essential when running a school. If students, parents, and staff feel like a leader will follow through on his/her word then this thinking will trickle down and others will do the same. Thus trust allows for things

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