Becoming A United States Citizen

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Becoming a United States citizen is such a difficult task that many immigrants are crossing the border illegally. Today, the naturalization process is a large controversial topic. To become a citizen one has to go through a series of tests including topics about US government, language, and civics. One has to be able to speak and understand English which can be extremely difficult as a second language. Because it is so difficult to becoming a citizen or let alone enter a country with certain permissions, immigrants are illegally crossing the border causing issues and tension with existing United States citizens. Becoming a United States citizen should be easier because it would decrease illegal immigration, decrease human trafficking, and…show more content…
Once immigrants become citizens they ultimately benefit society for everyone by paying taxes and serving others. Making the naturalization process easier would create jobs for immigrants and help them to live legally in the US safely. Some oppose this option because they believe citizens would begin to overpopulate. Actually, the only number that would increase would be the number of United States citizens, not the number of immigrants overall. Making the citizenship process easier and simpler would accommodate the immigrants by making them eligible for jobs and legal, steady income with all the benefits of a United States citizen. Because of the inability to find legal labor as an illegal immigrant, many turn to human trafficking as an occupation. As stated by Tsin Yen Koh, a graduate student from Harvard, “Tightening immigration policies and controls increases human trafficking. It becomes more difficult for labor migrants to enter and work in the destination country legally.” (Koh). Koh is explaining in this article that if the policies on one entering the United States along with citizenship were loosened, trafficking would not be such a major issue. Similarly, Marissa Urgate wrote in her “Journal of Trauma Practice” as a result of the United States creating restrictions against illegal immigrants, they engage in labor jobs such as prostitution and trafficking (Urgate). Making it easier to become a citizen would decrease human
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