Becoming A Virtual Team At The Usa, Brazil, Japan, Germany, And China

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In the business world, individuals are mostly required to work with one another in teams to accomplish tasks. Usually different team members come to the realization that working with one another to accomplish common goals is challenging. In the given situation, a virtual team with people from six different parts of the world was formed, and I happened to be the leader. The USA, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Israel and China are the places where my team players come from. Working in a diverse group, I expect all members to bring their knowledge and talents to the table, but I do also expect the group to confront many challenges such as communication, technology use, cultural differences, different time zones, and self-management. The first major challenge is communication. Team members from entirely different cultures are required to communicate to get the work done. Within the team, there are many communication preferences such as using E-mails, Instant Messaging, Skype, Video Conferencing, and discussion boards. My job as a leader is to consider each member’s strengths, weaknesses, and that some of them have never experienced being in a virtual team. That is, I will evaluate each communication preference and choose one way to ensure effective and efficient work. In my opinion, using E-mails or Instant Messaging can be difficult in cross-cultural communication because there are no visual cues to help people avoid misunderstanding and build trust. Although Internet

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