Becoming A Writer: Paraphrasing Analysis

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This semester has brought me a lot of growth in my writing so far. Paraphrasing is one way to use a text in your own writing without directly quoting source material. Revision also is an essential; of writing. A thesis statement is focused and not too broad. These three topics in my class has brought me through this semester with a lot of growth and positive vibes of my writing. Becoming a better writer I have learned that a writer must have something to Anytime you are taking information from a source that is not your own, you need to say. Having a clear, and valid main point or idea is an essential element of effective writing. specify where you got that information. Paraphrasing can let the audience, instructor, or group of associates…show more content…
A more detailed restatement than a summary, which focuses concisely on a single main idea. Paraphrasing is a valuable skill.

It helps you control the temptation to quote too much. The mental process required for successful paraphrasing helps you to grasp the full meaning of the original. Revision is an essential part of writing. Adding, deleting, and moving material is integral to the writing process. Writers keep rewriting until their message is clear to readers. There is always a voice in writing, even when there isn’t distinctive writing results from being able to “hear” the writers voice or personality in the word choices and sentences the writer uses.

A writer must support claims and assertions. Not only must you have something relevant to say, but you must also be able to back up what you say. Purpose determines form, style, and organization in writing. Every kind of text is governed by general expectations regarding its form, which helps it fulfill its purpose in given context. Writing is a social activity. Writers share drafts, they write specific audiences, and they draw on socially constructed conventions to accomplish their
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