Becoming A Young Child Is Not My Favorite Game

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As a young child, Follow the Leader was not my favorite game; the idea of blinding following someone who made all the decisions was not something I was ever prepared to do. And, it certainly did not bring me any enjoyment when I was forced to play. Although it seems like an oxymoron, being forced to play happened to me quite frequently in my youth and young adulthood, and later, as single mother, it seemed that was all I ever did was play follow the leader in every job I had. Boss after boss expected me to blindly submit to his or her directives even when I knew they did not make sense. Perhaps the worst moment was when the attorney for whom I was assigned to work with in the firm, demanded that I delete mandatory language in a…show more content…
One text, Robinson’s (2011) Out of Our Minds, was helpful because there were plenty of concepts that I found myself responding to in disagreement, allowing me to critically think through and understand my own style. Hallowell’s (2011) Cycle of Excellence, as described in Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People, provided a strong backdrop to my new assumptions regarding leadership. I was also greatly influenced by Nass & Yen’s (2012) social experiments using the computer; some of those results I have already discussed with colleagues and utilize in my classes and committee work; these works continue to foster me into a stronger leader, which ultimately makes me a better teacher. Robinson’s (2011) Out of Our Minds Imagination and Creativity “Creativity involves putting your imagination to work. In a sense, creativity is applied imagination” (Robinson, 2012, p.142). One of the many statements in this particular text that made me think and respond with disagreement. First, I was proud of myself that I felt strongly enough to voice the fact that I disagree with a leader in the field in the development of creativity. Second, this statement is a logical fallacy similar to the chicken and the egg conundrum. According to Robinson (2012) creativity is the physical manifestation of the imagination, but without the muse of creation, there would be no imagination. Creativity can spark the

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