Becoming All-State In Cross Country

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I am a runner. One who strives for greatness at every moment and doesn’t give in when things get tough. I have aspirations, dreams, and goals which I will stop at nothing to achieve. Unfortunately for me, the life of a runner is filled with challenges and setbacks and only the best will learn to push through the adversity. My defining moment was the summer before my Junior year, 2016. I had set the goal of becoming All-State in Cross Country, meaning placing in the top 25 of all the runners in the state meet. This is, of course, a prestigious title to have, but I had faith in myself. For the first time in my life, I finally understood that preparation is key and if I fail to prepare, I should prepare to fail
The previous track season I had one of the best mile times for 10th graders in the state and I was only improving from that point. To ensure success for the upcoming season, I started to train with a 5 time state champion in Indiana from the 1990’s. He was my Dad’s old friend from high school and I had trust in him to achieve my full potential. His methods for training were fine, but very
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In life, we all have a choice. I chose the path of least resistance and I payed the price for it. Not being diligent and proactive, I lost an entire season to show what I’m really made of. I always heard the phrase “preparation is key” but never truly understood what it meant until I experienced it first hand. For me to be an All-State runner, I have to make the choices of an All-State runner each and every day, not just sometimes. This is the reason why I have always fallen short on my goals. I have never prepared, mentally and physically, to be at that caliber. With my final season coming up in 4 months, I have taken the steps necessary to achieve my goal, my ultimate dream. To become a state
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