Becoming An Agriculture Teacher At The High School Level Essay

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In general, college is known for new beginnings, experiences, and basically, a new life, which incorporates the exceptional and the atrocious. College is the stepping stone to a career and possibilities and paths are limitless. I have known for a while that I want to go into either Agricultural Education or Biology, so when I chose my major in school, I just picked both. I love social interaction and leaving an impact on someone, however, I love the sciences like biology and chemistry. Throughout my entire high school career, I fell in love with agriculture and Future Farmers of America (FFA), so currently, the career I am looking into with excitement is becoming an agriculture teacher at the high school level. I have researched the field immensely, however, I never formally interviewed a successful agricultural education professor before this. As a result, I found an expert in my field, Dr. Jeremy Falk, to formally interview to talk about how to succeed in the field. Our interview covered the essence of a university, how to choose a major, and how to actually succeed as a teacher. As an introduction, Dr. Jeremy Falk, is currently an Assistant Professor in the Agricultural and Extension Education Department of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. He grew up as a sheep farmer in Southwest Ohio and participated in 4-H as a child (Personal Interview). He went to Ohio State University for all three of his degrees—Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate (Personal

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