Becoming An Educator For English Language Learners

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Becoming an educator is what I want to be in life and when I do become an educator I want to be more than just an average teacher. My objective as a teacher is to be able to teach students the basic skills in different subjects to increase their cognitive development to prepare them for the path that the future holds for them. I want to be an educator who helps individuals succeed. As a future educator for English language learners I have learned that teaching goes beyond core instruction. I want to teach my students manners, compassion toward others, empathy, sympathy, cultural awareness to help them to become the best they can be as a person and as a student. I want my students to develop their own moral and ethics. Preferably, I want to teach younger students and I have a great interest in teaching students English as their second language. Being bilingual I have developed a passion in helping students who speak another language and come from other countries because it reminds me of my family. My parents came to the United States knowing no English and now they have accomplished so much as well as learned how to speak English. Growing up in Storm Lake, Iowa I was fortunate enough to be around a diverse group of students. I have always been intrigued by all the different cultures, values, and beliefs of my high school peers. I believe becoming an educator will be a wonderful journey in which I will shape the minds and skills of diverse learners who will also shape my
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