Becoming An Expert On Highlighting And Contouring

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McHale Vastbinder Ron Ramage English 4 21 October 2015 Becoming an Expert on Highlighting and Contouring While searching through topics of something I would like to become an expert on, I found many interesting websites on highlighting and contouring. Many hear the word contouring and may associate it with plastic surgery. However, contouring can also be done with just a few types of makeup. I believe this topic is interesting because the authors of these websites provided historical information on how this routine began and who started it all (Greenaway). After reading through the information, I began to learn useful tips and tricks on how to properly highlight and contour. I gathered all the most useful information on my topic and created resourceful notes. With my notes, my goal is to take all the most informative pieces on this topic and write a resourceful paper to help myself, and others, become an expert on highlighting and contouring. In order to fulfill this goal, I have divided all the information found into four main sections. I will teach others, and myself, how to become an expert on highlighting and contouring. In the first section, I will provide all the historical information I have gathered in my websites. Second, I discuss the basics of highlighting and contouring, which connect with the history I explain in the first section. I will properly combine these two topics in an order that you can easily understand. I will then start my third section which will

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