Becoming An Ultrasound Technician

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Becoming an Ultrasound Technician Someone would need to know what it takes and the daily routines of an ultrasound technician if they are hoping to become one. A person should know the amount and the type of schooling needed. They should know what classes are needed, and they should also know the advancements and changes in the profession in the last few years to know what is ahead of them and why the school curriculum has changed. The reason I am writing this paper is because I would like to know, and to share what I found. I have wanted to become an ultrasound technician for years, but have put it off because I have been out of school 14 years and was scared to come back. I would love to work in an obstetrician’s office, because that would be my dream job. The reason I want to become one is because most of my family is in the medical field somewhere so I have the background and lots of knowledge, but I don’t care for the blood and guts that go with most of the careers in the medical field. With radiology it is non-evasive I love babies, also. I wouldn’t mind going into other fields of the industry either. Over the last few years ultrasound technicians as a career has upgraded a lot because of the advancements in the technology. We have learned besides seeing what is going on inside the body we can use the sound waves, that ultrasound technology used to produce the image, to provide therapy to correct a problem which Emma Lloyd talks about in her article Benefits of
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