Becoming Aware. I Had The Opportunity To Observe A Few

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Becoming Aware
I had the opportunity to observe a few different high school English classes at a school in Anaheim as well as third and fourth combination class at an elementary school in San Juan Capistrano where I do my practicum hours. Within the few that I observed there were EL learners, students with special learning needs, and GATE students. In my observations, I witnessed a teacher who has made a comfortable environment for these students as well as a teacher who struggled to make the class accessible to her EL student.
High School Classrooms The majority population of this school is Latino, but in this class, there was a mixture of Latino, Asian, Caucasian and African American. Because of these things, I could see a broad range
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I could tell from their writing that they had these special circumstances, but was very impressed with how much they could interact with and complete the same lesson as other students. The teacher is a multicultural in her ethnic background, so I think she was comfortable interacting with most of the students in her class. I could tell from my observations in the class that the students felt safe in approaching her and asking questions. She created a friendly environment and was quick to correct behavior when it came across as disrespectful to others. She had an aid in both classes for the students with learning disabilities. Because of this, she spent more time interacting with the aid than the students that were working with the aid. I thought this teacher did a great job creating a lesson and assignment that was relatively acceptable for everyone. It allowed students who do not have a problem to use a different and creative outlet in their assignment, while making the goal attainable for students who have a harder time.
Elementary School Classroom I fulfill my practicum hours at an elementary school in San Juan Capistrano, and this past week they received a new student who is an EL learner. This student had been at the school two years ago for about twenty or so days before returning to Mexico. This student does not speak any English. Because of this, it was hard to determine what his grade level was. The community liaison who speaks Spanish was not there
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