Becoming Extinct As We Transition Into A Computer Based World

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Good morning everyone, my name is Linda Cobb. I am so please to see all of your wonderful faces that came out to support us today. It is an honor to stand before a great audience. I want to communicate with you a few of the issues concerning patient’s data with privacy and security. Now, when a patient comes into a healthcare facility seeking professional care, they are trusting that the physician will deliver it. When this patient leaves the hospital they also want to be confident that their documentation has been secured which is where the HIM professional comes into play. As we all know the HIM field is moving into the new age of technology. Paper documents are becoming extinct as we transition into a computer based world. SECOND SLIDE…show more content…
This has been accepted as a method to improve the quality and delivery of care, according to AHIMA’s Information Governance Principles for Healthcare. Data integrity is critical to meeting these expectations which includes privacy prevention through the use of standards and procedures. However, the smallest error transmitting patient’s data will have a domino effect in an electronic environment that may present a risk that can be magnified as the data transmits further downstream to data sets, interfaced systems and or decision support systems. We live in a world that consistently progresses into new technology, but New Technology Creates New Privacy, Security Challenges (Gordon, 2015). Unfortunately, this will also include threats and issues with maintaining privacy issues with patient’s data. Some of the threating issues that are posing to be problematic is poor documentation, inaccurate data, insufficient communication, and of course the copy and paste functionality. FIFTH SLIDE These unsafe methods can result in errors and possibly fatal incidents for the patient. In addition, risky measures can have an unfavorable effect on securing the privacy of the patient’s record. Anything less that may have an impact on the patient’s quality of care, their rights, the healthcare professionals and current work practices. There are also legal responsibilities, because the security of a patient’s records is vital?
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