Becoming Internist: Personal Statement Of Purpose

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My life was not any extraordinary than kids of those middle class families in Pakistan, who are living in remote areas. I was one of those hundreds of students who grew up without any dream, not able to write first letter of English alphabet till the 11 years of age, no insight of self and surroundings. If I look back today than I conclude apart from growing height and changing classes, there was no diff in my personality from the age of 3 to age of 13. At the age of 13, I started volunteering in different project at my town. Volunteering activities added a new chapter in my life, with title of "Care". This new chapter gave me an opportunity to develop insight into personal and professional aspect of my life, and made difference. It bought…show more content…
I enjoyed and adopted the coherent approaches of senior internists while finding one diagnosis among fifty differential diagnoses. With ongoing time, I always found myself satisfied when my innovative-problem solving skills and concepts helped my teams in management of patients. And this satisfaction developed ambitions of becoming internist of tomorrow! A deeper understanding of medicine through references of researches and technologies familiarized me passion with America. Due to these researches and technologies, I learned in past five decades medical researchers in America has been the pilot of flight of medicine, I aimed of acquiring of Internal Medicine training in America.
Although my professional enthusiasm remained my focus of life but I equally appreciated concept of balance between a satisfying career and fulfilling personal life. Any smile that I earned while volunteering in polio drives, service flood victims, Tharparkar drought projects etc. always embarked me life on the board of satisfaction. Leading a team or following a leader, every opportunity made me more flexible and reliable. After years of social services, I faithfully believe “everything contributed in this World is certainly paid back, but on a right
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