Becoming Successful Research Paper

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To become successful in life, going to college is a necessity. Achieving a degree provides higher income. Having currency resolutes with less difficulties in life. Obtaining a degrees results with a financial advantage in future careers because rise in employment rates, growth, and income.
Employment rates rises with variables due to education. It is clear that more opportunities are available to workers if they acquire a degree. Statistics shown on National Center for Education “the rate of employment increases nearly 10% and increasing on the level of degree”(Fast Facts). This is a drastic impact with the current job rate today. Additionally, having a degree builds a foundation for an independent to start their own business. Graduating from college implements the goals of becoming successful. “Entrepreneurial dreams are obtainable once becoming a new graduate”(The Muse). Acquiring a degree allows people to pursuit their dreams and happiness and be successful.
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Introducing a student into college impacts their lives by making them mature. Research has shown undergraduates have realized that their lives get impacted by college and they put in hard work to succeed. Marie Hartwell-Walker stated, “Make college a decision”(Psych Central). If the young adult makes it their own decision they will take responsibility and perform well in their classes and their lifestyle. They will find opportunities to excel their future stances such as building relations with other graduates. Afterward, college prepares young adults for careers. A study incurred by Burning Glass showing how many jobs require bachelor degrees. They found, “nearly a million jobs for entry level positions requires a bachelor's degree” (Washington Post). For this reason, college is fundamentally required to achieve
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