Becoming The Manager Of A Business

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Becoming the manager of a business is, for some people, is an amazing opportunity. No matter how big or how small the respected business is, there is always a huge amount of responsibility that falls on to your shoulders at the end of everyday, no matter the outcome. In this case, not only are you a manager, you are a city manager in Tennessee. Despite the lucrative opportunity that has presented itself, the mayor has asked you to complete an unethical task. He has given you an envelope full of receipts from a trip that he recently took to attend an economic development conference. Included in the receipts are receipts from a four-day vacation that the mayo and his wife took at a resort near the conference city. It was clear that the mayor wanted the city to reimburse him for everything that was in that envelope. Now, as the newly appointed city manager, what do you do? “a systematic attempt through the use of reason to make sense of our individual and social moral experience in such a way as to determine the rules which ought to govern human conduct’” (DeGeorge, 1982, p. 12) That is what defines what we know as ethics and the way I will go about trying to figure out how exactly to handle the situation that the mayor has presented me. One way to handle this given scenario is to use the utilitarian philosophy. Utilitarianism: “holds that an action is right, compared to other courses of action, if it results in the greatest good (or at least the minimum harm) for the greatest
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