Becoming Vegetarian Can Be Good

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Erik Campos Professor Romo English 101 16 May 2015 Becoming Vegetarian Can Be Good Livestock is defined, as domesticated animals nurtured in a farm like, agricultural environments. Livestock animals are raised in agrarian settings. Agrarian settings include factory farms, family farms, and cattle ranches. The livestock uses can be countless. Most of these farmed animals provide food, fertilizers and other components to their owners. Some of the major ways livestock are used is through food. Some of the products that come out of raising livestocks include meat, eggs, and other dairy products. Although many animas are used for meat a small amount of animals are raised “pure.” Small and medium livestock farms have given way to factory farms…show more content…
Motavalli talks about how “Brazil has 60-70 % of rain forest destruction caused by clearing for animal pasture” (27). This is a stunning amount of forest demolition due to deforestation in the United States. Henning makes an important statement in his article that depicts how soil degradation is impacting the US. Soil degradation impacts the environment because it ruins the land, he says, “ninety percent of crop land is being depleted thirteen times faster than the natural replacement rate of one ton per hectare per year” (83). Livestock is destroying trees and this destruction is impacting the environment in many ways. Livestock is getting out of control, so much that we now need to destroy our environment to raise these animals. Another way that livestock production is being affected is through the use of anti-biotics. Goodall explains, "bacterial resistance is increasing at an even faster rate to more and more antibiotics [...] once thought capable of curing all bacterial induced diseases” (87). The increasingly use of antibiotics in manufacturing livestock production is being compared to and is being referred to as the “epidemic” of antibiotic resistant infections. She goes into detail, “How We Lost Commonsense Farming,” explaining how farming has changed from traditional farming methods and into industrial farming. One of the things that affected the dangers of modern farming was the establishment of monoculture, which includes

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