Becoming Who You Are Was Written By Apostle Dutch Sheets Essay

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Becoming Who You Are was written by Apostle Dutch Sheets. Dutch Sheets is a father, and a general to this generation. Sheets’s goal is the seeing of America experience a sweeping revival and return to its godly heritage. Most of the Church struggles with their identity in Christ. I was taught that once you know who you are in Christ, you attract the right people, and begin to live to the fullest of God’s intention for you. This book gives biblical based truths on who you are in Christ and how to mature and grow into the person God has called you to be. This is more than just a book about identity, it’s an action plan that helps believers defeat the lies that prevents them from walking into their God intention. The moment you dive into this book you begin to start to see yourself rightly, and you literally have the eyes of Christ placed on your perspective. This book is broken down into three parts, with five to seven chapters each. Each part is a stepping stone into how to walk in the Spirit to your original design. The summary of each part drips below to take you on a journey for this incredible book of inspiring revelation. Dutch starts out with part one, and says to reveal the problem. “This is what Becoming Who You Are is all about: finding a full, lasting solution.” (15) The reason he starts out the chapter with wanting a solution is because he first identifies the problem. The problem with our walk with Christ is that we have the questions that no one wants to

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