Becoming a Computeri Illustrator

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It’s sometimes- okay, almost always - hard for a person to answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Being asked this simple-sounding question so often by our friends, we begin to wonder and worry to the point where we’re terrified to even think about it anymore. Of course, as long as we’re working hard to achieve our goals, there’s nothing to fear. The key to staying calm while making such a decision that will decide our future is to break down the process of choosing into a few steps. Step one is to discover what our interests and hobbies are. No one wants to be stuck doing a job they hate. The next step is to look at what jobs include your interests (e.g., if you like animals and the care of them, you might consider becoming a veterinarian). After that, you’ll search for more details such as annual salary, employment rate, and the education you’ll need to know how to do the job right. This is exactly how I have discovered what I want to do when I grow up. My interests include drawing, painting, and basically everything under the category of art, so I find the illustrator’s career to be a dream come true. With a bit of thorough research, I’ve found the career that is right for me. An illustrator draws or paints pictures to connect ideas, feelings, or factual information (“Illustrator” para. 3). They work to make commercial pieces that persuade or entertain an audience with a certain style of art (“Illustrator” para. 3). These are the people that drew

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